Ryan Duffy

LinkedIn Learning partnership


For its first two years in-market, Knowable content was available exclusively through our iOS, Android, and web apps. While exclusivity enhanced the value of the core product, it limited the reach and discoverability of Knowable courses to app users only.  

In the summer of 2022, I set out to open new revenue streams by licensing Knowable content to third-party distributors for the first time.


Project lead Business development Legal Accounting  


Partnering with a top online course platform would simultaneously expose the Knowable brand to an audience primed for educational content and open a lucrative new revenue channel for the business and our creators — a win-win.

Having scaled our catalog to 1000+ hours of programming, any risk of eroding the value of the core app by making a limited selection of exclusive content available off-platform was sufficiently mitigated.


I sourced and negotiated a lucrative licensing partnership with LinkedIn Learning, one of the world’s top online learning platforms — a perfect match for Knowable’s business-focused content. 

To date, Knowable courses have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn Learning users, with several ranking among the platform's most popular and best reviewed. 

This partnership stands to net seven figures in new revenue over its term.

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