Ryan Duffy

Daily audio lessons


ProblemAs Knowable evolved, we realized that multi-hour, multi-chapter courses weren’t for everyone. Reflecting broader trends in the e-learning category, many users asked for a more bite-sized, approachable way to learn. 

SolutionIn response, we built a new surface in the app for short, podcast-style lessons published five days a week. 

This new format not only aswered the needs of users, it unlocked important business efficiencies by lowering production costs, shortening production timelines, and reducing creator acquisition friction — all by orders of magnitude. Better yet, the increased throughput brought new life to the app. More frequently published content gave us more opportunities to market the product via email, push notifications, social, etc., encouraging users to make Knowable a smart daily habit. 

ExecutionI led this project from ideation to launch, overseeing content strategy, creator acquisition, production, GTM, and beyond. I even took on the roles of researcher, writer, and host for hundreds of daily lessons published on Knowable.



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