Ryan Duffy

Brand design

Course identity design

OverviewAs Knowable's content catalog grew, we sought to develop a scalable design system that would allow our small team to more quickly generate hero assets that showcased courses and creators with more clarity, consistency, and consideration while improving the in-app browsing experience. 

Up to this point, course covers were designed individually, either in-house or by creators themselves. While this approach came with variety and individual flair, it made for a sometimes inconsistent and unclear browsing experience in the app.  

And as multiple new course types were introduced, it became necessary to establish the content taxonomy at a glance for a more legible, easy-to-navigate user experience and a more polished presentation that lived up to the quality of Knowable courses and authority of their creators.

In support of our dual goals of legibility and efficiency, I refined Knowable's design vocabulary and streamlined implementation workflows. 

Guided by our core brand values of authority, approachability, contemporality, and fun, I selected Radio Grotesk by Pangram Pangram as a new primary typeface for its classic-meets-contemporary style, narrowed the palette to bright colors for a touch of playfulness, introduced a confident, timeless illustration suite to communicate authority, and applied a new badge system to clearly establish the content taxonomy at a glance in the UI.

Newsletter and blog design

Social media design

Infographic design

App Store design

One-sheet design 

Made in Los Angeles